2016 - A Wedding Photographers Tale

So, 2016 in coming to close....did this year fly past super quickly or is it just me!?

I have had an amazing year, topped off with making it through as a finalist to this years South West Wedding awards!

Sometimes in life you have to stop and reflect on your achievements to really appreciate them. We very often forget to do this in modern life...so if you take nothing else from reading my blog post, STOP and have a 5 minute daydream about YOUR 2016....I bet it makes you smile!

I absolutely love Wedding Photography, theres something very magical about spending so much time with a couple, being involved in the planning process, seeing the day unfold and obviously the final celebrations! On the big day it's self I love to start the day with Getting Ready shots with the bride, bridesmaids and female wedding party, these are often the most commented on shots, and is always a part of the wedding the day the groom NEVER gets to see!

Getting Ready

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Between getting ready and the ceremony, I like to take myself off to take the amazing shots of the fine details the wedding suppliers have spent so much time and effort to prepare and that give the Wedding day that extra special touch, the wedding cake, the brides wedding flowers & brides bouquet, the wedding stationary, table decorations, lighting, favours...the list can go on considerably! This is also when I take the Wedding Ring shots.

Then off to the Groom & Groomsmen...who are typically far more laid back and still getting their ties put on 10 mins before "time to go" is called! Which I love as this gives me some great shots, as usually theres at least one person who's never worn a tie before!


Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Wedding cake by Edible Essence

The Main event

Once all the "preparation" shots have been taken, The father of the bride has turned up (usually with a tear in his eye), the groom party have finally worked out what cufflinks are, the rings have been checked several dozen times by the best man (Is this where I fess up to dropping a Wedding Ring down a grate in a hotel!? I obviously managed to rescue it, I won't say who's it was, but safe to say its proudly sat on your finger as we speak!) and the bridesmaids have checked their make up and worked out how the dress's flowers and shoes work.... It's time for the "Main event"

Here's a selection of some of my fave bride & couples wedding shots....

Deer Park Country Hotel, Devon

Thank you for taking the time out to read this, please share the love or leave any comments, And of course if you're planning your wedding and want to have a chat about my work, or indeed any advice about wedding photography, then it would be my pleasure to hear from you!

Have a FANTASTIC 2017, Stu :-)

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