"Artography" OK, i'm pretty sure i just made that word up, but makes complete sense to me. Whilst wedding photography of 'people' is my job, and capturing those special moments during someones wedding day, a birthday party or a styled model or family studio portrait photography shoot gives me one of the greatest pleasures in life, Photography as an art form is (in my humble opinion) very often disregarded.

My passion for photography has been with me for many years, the fact that you can freeze a moment in time, each and every photograph is unique, even if you look at a pack of Paparazzi shooting a red carpet event, each and every photographer is in a different position, maybe only a few inches apart, but believe me, when you shoot someones face the angle of 1 or 2 degrees can make a dramatic difference!...Its exactly the same with Art.

So, how did i come to take these pictures below? Well in short, i moved house several years ago and wanted some new art for the walls...having spent many hours looking around various galleries and art shops nothing grabbed my eye, nothing original or unique...the penny dropped, make my own! And that was it, I used my extensive photography skills to create what I wanted to hang on my walls at home, no boundaries, no conformity, no limitation, Just create what i liked.

So these are just a small selection of shots from the last 5 or 6 years, i've been lucky enough to sell many of these, and maybe in time my dream of a photography studio and gallery will become reality.

Sheepstor Dusk

This is a shot of Sheepstor, in mid Devon, UK. Shot at dusk using a long exposure method (one i use quite often as i love the effect) to create the very soft and flat water in the foreground. I was so pleased with the final edit this is now a permeant feature on the landing. It brings calm and tranquility, and gives that great sense of the beauty of Dartmoor.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton

Shaugh Prior

This is Shaugh Prior, a very small village in South Devon, UK. The ancient bridge has stood spanning the river Plym for centuries. This shot was taken in early spring last year (2015) stood on a rock, with the river flowing pretty quickly around me on both sides. This is a very long exposure, which turns the water into silk This is one of my favourites for many reasons, but manly because its expected that a picture of a river should be in colour...i think this works so much better this way.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton


Another shot from Dartmoor, UK, and another water related photograph! Its extremely difficult to live where i do and not be either near the ocean or a river...I'm so lucky. I've driven past this spot many times, but on this particular day i stopped the car! I couldn't resist the refection in the water through the bridge, I love the way the trees in the background draw your attention to the point you don't even see the stone bridge any more.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

St Just

The West of Cornwall is one of my favourite places I've ever been and visit at leat 3 or 4 times a year. Best know for the location where the BBC series Poldark is filmed, it has some stunning coastline and of course amazing Mining history. This shot of a disused and almost derelict phone box was a shot i couldn't resist The colour picking is sometimes frowned upon in photography circles as its been over used, but i still think, in the right circumstances it looks amazing.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography


So, this is as arty as it gets, I absolutely love this shot. I took this using, yup, you've guessed ...a long exposure. This shot took all my skills to pull off what is a very minimalist shot, with almost black and white effect. The reality is, this is the sea front at Teignmouth in South Devon, UK. The sky had clouds, and of course the ocean NEVER stands still. One of my favourite pieces of art.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Antique Cutlery

Ok, so some days the weather (rain) doesn't allow great shots of the landscape...this is a studio shot of some antique silver cutlery I have. I was practising light form and camera technique and created this artwork for my dinning room. I love the way the lighting catches one side of the the cutlery and the pieces themselves fade into the darkness. I've recieved many lovely comments on this piece.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Giant Prawn

This large sculpture sits at the entrance to the Mayflower Steps on the historic Barbican in Plymouth Uk. This is where the famous Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America on the Mayflower in 1620. This shot was taken early on a summer morning, i love the sun behind the sculpture creating the lens flare, leaving the prawn almost a silhouette.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Porth Nanven

I took this stunning sunset shot in the very West of Cornwall, UK in Spring. Not far from Land's End This area of Cornwall is just magical, if you ever need to "get away from it all" I can't recommend this area of Cornwall enough, its absolutely beautiful, tranquil and unspoilt.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

New Zealand

A few years ago i spend a month in New Zealand in that time i travelled over 3000 miles and saw some of the most amazing scenery, places and people. The majority of that time was spent in the South Island which has almost every type of landscape, from mountains, volcanoes, fjords, lakes and even penguins. This was one of those "Stop the car" shots, somewhere between Queenstown & Milford Sound. Taken using several exposures and edited together to make this incredible image. I've sold several of this image in large format as its one of my most frequently request pieces....but sits proudly on my bedroom wall.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a different side to my work.

If you would like to see more or buy some of my images please visit StueyArt Photography, or Contact Me if you would like a bespoke piece or commission

Thank you for taking time to read my blog, and your continued support.

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