Beach Weddings

"Beach Weddings" are seen as one of the most fantastic, romantic ideals...and rightly so, beaches are where we made our first sand castle, had our first ice cream maybe, saw the ocean for the first time, had SANDY cheese and onion crusty bread rolls that crunched and tasted sun tan cream with every bite...Ok that last one was probably just me, but you get my point! A beach is full of memories and (nearly) always great ones!! so understandably one of the most romantic locations to get married.

As you can imagine, beach weddings are not the easiest to arrange, finding the correct location can be a minefield in itself, then you have the venue, the logistics of getting everyone & thing to the beach, availability, and then the good old English weather...I'm not selling this am i!?

Well, i guess I am indirectly...I'm a photographer, and LOVE to shoot on the beach! So heres the thing, if you can't run to the full beach extravaganza, or you can't settle for the right location for everyone...COMPROMISE!!!

I Live in Devon, and cover the South West of England in the main. We have thousands of gloriously stunning beaches in and around Cornwall, Devon, Somerset etc etc. Plan your wedding and/or Reception in one our many gorgeous hotels near a beach. One such hotel I shot a wedding at last year was the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall, a stunning hotel with great views and near the beach. We arranged with hotel for a mini bus to take the Bride & Groom, and of course myself to the beach, we allowed an hour for the shoot and achieved some stunning images, relaxed and natural (well, as Natural as wearing a suit/wedding dress on a beach can be) Then went back to the hotel to carry on the traditional guests shots, speeches etc. The final album looks like the wedding reception took place right there on the beach.

I'll discuss "timings for photography" in a future blog as this is very often over looked when planning your special day.

Contact me for information of locations and of course to arranged your wedding or portrait shoot.

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