Black & White Portrait Photography

Here are some Family & Model portrait shots from recent shoots, converted to Black & white during editing. Whilst many may see this as old fashioned, I've even had comments such as "why would you do that when we have colour" The answer is very simple....Artistic taste. Not just mine but that of the client. Don't get me wrong, some images only look good in colour, but some of the most Iconic, beautiful and artistic photographs of the 20th & 21st century have been in Black & White (or Mono, if you prefer)

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This Studio portfolio shot for model Poppy stands out from all the others I shot during that session (for me) Whist her eyes were an amazing blue, and had great colour in her skin, the tone and structure really stand out. I wanted to accentuate her eyes, and in colour whist the eye were looking great, the colour of the fur hood, her lipstick and olive skin somehow took away what I wanted. For me this is one of my all time favourite shots, and was lucky enough to be asked to display it in an exhibition at a university of art.


Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Black and white isn't just confined to the studio or glamour shots, it works just as well, if not better outside, on location, as is the case with the above shot, it was (for me) always going to be in Black & White, even though it was shot by the sea, with a great sky for the backdrop, I could tell by the lighting that day and how the guys (brothers) were having such a great time that this particular shot would work best this way.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This Father & Son shot (Matt & Isaac) Works so well in Black & white as your focus is purely on Isaac's eyes and cheeky grin, the background colours aren't there to distract. As your gaze expands you see the closeness, security and love that the cuddle from only a dad could give, whilst at the same time not distracting from the main focus.

If you like my work and want a family or children shoot to treasure forever, or a model looking to update your portfolio, please Get in touch, i'm always excited by meeting new clients.

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