Cornish Wedding

I love Weddings...But I absolutely love CORNISH weddings, heres why.

I fell in love with Cornwall years ago. The landscape, the history, the tranquility, the people. It has a real charm like no other I've ever experienced in the UK. Things are still done the traditional way or do i mean the "Cornish" way!?

Anyway, when it comes to weddings, the major plus is that generally you're never too far from the beach or ocean and for me that makes the best location for group shots, after all who doesn't want an excuse to get to the beach!! Here are some very recent shots from a wedding near Mevagissey in South Cornwall. The wedding itself was extremely laid back, no frills, no top table and speeches....just 2 loving people getting married...Perfect!

I love the simplicity of this "Stolen Moment" shot...

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Just adding a simple prop and using some imagination can create a unique image.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Whilst a pretty standard shot of the wedding party, how many will have it taken on a beach!?

Photo credit Stuart Brampton Photography

...123 JUMP!

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

I love using the landscape as part of the overall picture... and the tranquility this shots creates

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Thank you for reading my blog, if you or anyone you know is planning a wedding for next year, please Contact Me for information, I'd love to hear from you!


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