How much should my wedding photography cost?

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

As wedding season is fast approaching I'm getting lots of enquiries for Wedding Photography in Devon, Cornwall and the SouthWest, which of course is fantastic! The first question I get, even before "are you available" (which always makes me smile) is "how much do you charge" or "whats your cheapest package"

Now, I fully appreciate that cost is very important to most of us, unless of course OK or Hello magazine is paying for your big day....but like most things in life, you get what you pay for! I've obviously done some research on this for my own business and have found "alleged" wedding photographers charging as little as £275 for the the other end of the spectrum (see previous OK magazine types) circa £10k is not where do you draw your particular line!?

As I previously mentioned, "you get what you pay for." lets talk about that. A good wedding photographer, of which I class myself, should meet with you at least once (personally i like to meet clients at least twice) before the day to discuss plans and timings, the "must have" wedding photo shots, the wedding party (who's who) any special themes or traditions...or even funnies, and of course what style you want the pictures...(theres many to choose from) I usually discus and help with posing, how to smile, where to put your hands, how to look natural, and even how to cut the many people have actually cut a wedding cake before!?

On the actual day itself, I usually start at 8.00am, getting to the brides house/hotel for those all so important and beautiful Getting Ready shots... setting up some of the shots, making sure the mothers are also captured, a quick sneak off to get some shots of the guys (normally a far more laid back affair), those amazing Wedding Ring shots, back to the brides house/room for those always so emotional & beautiful shots with her Father, (I love this precious and very personal moment, its a privilege to be there and document it), a last minute shot of the engagement ring, then on to the ceremony, group shots, candid shots of the guests... the day ends with the first dance or cake cut. Thats about a THIRD of the work done. The next week to 10 days is spent editing the shots and producing a final 300/400 (From around 2000) for the Bride & Groom and respective parents to choose, before preparing the final edits, blemish removal, converting to black and white etc etc, ready for the wedding album and extra's like canvas's, mini albums for guests...and even fridge magnets!

I was at a wedding recently as a guest, the "photographer" for the day was using just one camera, had no flash, was shooting in AUTOMATIC mode, appeared to be giving no direction and didn't really look that comfortable with the wedding party. I naturally asked how the pictures came out, and was told that he had given the bride and groom a CD with 800 unedited, straight from camera images...that's generally what under £500 will get you.

My Packages are on my website, and genuine costs are given to all enquiries. I'm proud of my work and the fee's I charge as I fully appreciate that photography is an art form, it captures your special moments that you will want to cherish only get one chance to take the perfect picture!

Thank's for reading, I hope its been helpful. If you have any questions or enquiries, I'd love to hear from you.

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