Jack of all Trades?

Jack of all trades, Master of none!?

OK, this may well be true in many walks of life...you wouldn't see a brain surgeon for child birth and vice versa. I'm a photographer, I absolutely love photographing Weddings, and equally portraits...and Landscape photography too. I've been accused recently by peers of being a "Jack of all trades" and as I overheard this obvious insult (intended for me to hear) I contemplated it for a while, smiled to my self and grinned. Yes, I am. I am a Jack of all trades, but who's the judge of whether i'm a master of none...

I'm a Devon based photographer, I have the absolute luxury of shooting in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset and sometimes even further afield. The scenery here is absolutely stunning at any time of the year, so I very often go out to practise my camera skills...yes they need to be practised! A point and shoot will get you so far, as will having a creative eye, but you absolutely must have great camera skills to separate you from the majority! In this blog I'll show you several different genres, Wedding Photography, Portrait photography & Landscape. See what you think...am I a master of none?

Wedding Photography

This is one of my favourite wedding shots, I've had many lovely comments and even "can you do that for us" requests. I like to make every Wedding photograph and every wedding different, after all its a unique day. So I often say I'll get it as close as I can, but yours will be special to you. As you can see, recreating this shot for several people just wouldn't work, the surroundings would be different, the lighting, and most importantly of all it wasn't staged, just a natural loving couple (while they thought i was setting up the camera) enjoying a rare moment of solitude during their very busy wedding day.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This next shot, from the same wedding in the Cotswolds gets more likes and comment than any other, even now I look at it and feel how lucky I am to have shared such a special and precious moment.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

And finally, this picture says a thousand words...and in complete contrast to the previous 2....so i'll let it speak for itself.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Portrait Photography

So, what is "Portrait Photography" well, it covers quite a broad spectrum, from family portrait, modelling portfolio shoots to head shots and baby photographs. I'll show you four different types of portraiture photography, and a brief back ground to the shooting style, so you can see why it's becoming so popular now...which is great because i love to shoot portraits.

This first shot is a recent family portrait shoot, I like to try something different with every shoot I do, a family portrait doesn't have to be sat on a chair victorian style, I thinks its really important to bring the personality of the family into the shoot, and ideally use a location that means something to them...and of course a little twist of creativity never hurts!

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This is from a recent modelling portfolio shoot, shot very much in portrait mode. With creative use of the natural back light from the window in this old warehouse, which was our "Studio" for the day. The style is very Cosmopolitan magazine, and using natural light and simple posing technique gives a stunningly natural portrait, without looking staged.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Another studio shoot, this time using full studio lights, and slight post editing. This is a great example of a headshot that's not overly formal, uses the clients personality and natural looks to create this modern creative headshot, with a nod to the traditional.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Last but by no means least, the childrens or child photography. When you think of children, they're not sat still, or smiling politely for the "nice man to take your photo"...they like to play, run about etc, so why do so many people insist on having their children sat to attention for the photographer. This shoot was at the clients home, white backdrop, portable studio lights, and the boys played, while i waited for the right shot to happen...ok maybe a little bit of persuasion, but as natural as you can get with young lads!

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Landscape Photography

Ok, so this is where things change, I guess you could argue that the Wedding and Portrait photography is very similar, and to a point you'd be right. However when you get into Landscape, and I mean good landscape photography, then the game changes. Different lenses, different equipment, and exposure times that can be 5 minutes long....but thats getting technical. The set up, lighting and general camera skills are turned on their head, as is the post editing. Here are some recent landscape shots that demonstrate different techniques and an eye for the an image that i'd be happy to hang on my wall.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you've found it interesting. If you like my work, or indeed want me to create a shoot for your or your family I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Stu :-)

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