Model Portrait Shoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Tianna, a relatively new model but already has a great look and happy to take direction and try new ideas. I absolutely adore portrait photography, and working with models to increase their portfolio is always a highlight. In this Blog piece we'll look at the High key lighting used to achieve the shots from this shoot, the thinking behind them and how we put them together.

The below shot, (which is one of my favourites from the shoot), The look I was after was super high key, I used 3 lights to achieve this, 2 to over expose the background and 1 lighting Tianna with a beauty dish at the same level. converted to black and white in post production, gives this amazing look.

Photo credit Stuart Brampton Photography

For this shot, sometimes referred to as "implied nude"I had the model draped in fine netting with some costume jewelary , again using high key lighting which blends the white silk netting into the background, with a beauty dish and gold reflector to light the models face. As you can see Tianna has a very strong look and works well with the camera for this stunning portrait photography shot.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This shot was based on an idea i had for a water or meadow shot in the summer, but though it would be great to experiment in the photography studio. For this shot, i used a single soft box directly above the model, slightly over exposed the shot, and had Tianna lay on the floor with the flowers placed on her spread out hair. In post production used a slight bleach bypass, to create this stunning effect.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Another shot using the silk netting, this time a glamorous shot showing detail in the models face, and the costume jewellery. Studio Photography always creates the best results in my opinion, and working with a great model always helps. I particularly like this shot, as it shows a natural beauty, without any unnatural posing or the dreaded duck face/trout pout you see too much of.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

This final image from the Studio Portrait Photography shoot is an extremely elegant and timeless shot. You can see how using high key lighting in the correct way makes for a very simply looking but glamours portrait. I simply set the lighting to over expose the background and used a simple beauty dish with silver defector set just above and to the left of the models eye line.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

I hope you liked this update, and found some of the information useful. for more information or to book me for your photography then please Contact me

Stuart :-)

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