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I'm a Wedding & Portrait photography specialist, I shoot various and varied genres of both and in a variety of locations and studios....but the one constant question I get asked in any of these environments is "what camera do you use"

So for a while now I've though about putting an answer to that in more detail and visualising it for you too, my quick and witty reply of "a black one" is maybe not as funny as I first thought, and as you'll see not at all accurate.

Here is the work horse of my kit, theres probably another set I could show if you wanted to see Tripods, filters, studio lighting, reflectors etc etc...but this is the business end.

1. Sigma 12-24 mm. This is a wide angle lens for a full frame e camera. This is great for wedding Photography group shots in tight spaces, or if you want a quirky "fish eye" effect at close range,and also great for Landscapes.

2. Canon 85mm Prime lens. One of my favourite lenses, this is usually the main lens for most Weddings and always for Portrait photography. Its not for the feignt hearted as at 1.2f you have to be very accurate, but the effect is outstanding.

3. Canon 24-70 mm. This is my second favourite lens for wedding & portrait photography, very crisp and has enough zoom/wide angle to get most hot at a wedding at close range. Alway stated as the must have Wedding photography lens.

4. Canon 75-200 mm. This is a fantastic wedding lens, perfect for those candid shots that no one knows you're taking as you can stand well back from the action, but also an amazing portrait photography lens.

5. Sigma 175-500mm. This is an amazing zoom lens, not very stern used at weddings, but for location portrait photography, sporting events or landscape its a real gem to own, and for the size not too heavy either.

6. Canon 50mm Prime lens. One of the first lenses i bought, and very much used for amateur portrait photographers due to its cost, however i still use mine on occasions for weddings and if i need light kit, the 85mm supersedes this by far though.

7. Canon 15-85mm. This is a crop sensor lens, used on my 7D (number 8) a very versatile lens, i lawyer take this with me on my travels and is a great cover all lens, and is a great back up kit for weddings too.

8. Canon 7D. The 7D is a crop sensor camera, still classes as professional kit, and has ben amazing, i spent 4 weeks in New Zealand assume of the images this camera captured were amazing. My back up for weddings.

9. Canon 5D mk11. The 5D mk11 was seen at the leap forward in digital camera technology that everyone was waiting for. I love this cam,era, the images have a certain warmth to them and alway crisp, the shutter has a erasing lick to it...although not always seen as a good thin in church weddings.

10. Canon 5D mk111. I absolutely love this camera, a big step up from the mk11, and circa 75% of my wedding shots are taken with this, and ALL of my portrait photography. Nuff said.

11. Flash guns. I alway scary 2 of these with me, and always several rounds of batteries. i shot a recent beach wedding with this and the results are amazing, flash outside, on a beach i hear you say. YES!!!

12. Light metre. I won't be with out this when shooting in a studio, it might seem old school, but it get you the absolute correct lighting, and allows me to make the adjustments to create very moody lighting for portrait photography.

14. Remote flash trigger. This is a must, this allows me to take the flash off the camera and place where I want the lighting to come from. i wont get technical but off camera flash/lighting give a far greater image than directly flashing in you face. (See my Portrait Page to see what i mean)

15. Batteries. Lots of batteries, these are for the camera bodies, and whilst brilliant, (they can let for up to 8 or 9 hours at a wedding, I always carry 2 or 3 fully charged never know!

So, there you have it, Stuarts kit! Not as straight forward as you might think, and certainly far more technical than your iPhone or "point and shoot"...I hope this helps to see the importance of hiring a professional photographer and gaining amazing quality of the final image that lasts a lifetime is well worth the investment!

As always, thank you very much for reading my latest blog and if you have any questions I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Stu. :-)

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