Should I insure my Wedding?

From my point of view, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Sadly, not everyone shares my opinion. Your suppliers will have their own insurance but Wedding Insurance is something that covers YOU for YOUR wedding. It can seem like an unnecessary expense but it is relatively cheap and gives you enormous peace of mind.

After budgeting hundreds of pounds for cake, flowers, photography ,venue, dresses, shoes, suits etc. you are probably not going to want to think about spending even more money on wedding insurance and you wouldn’t be the only ones thinking it but it would really put your mind at ease if anything should happen.

We'd like to think it won’t happen to us and that everything will be OK but what if you had to cancel? (I know from personal experience that it can and DID happen!) It would still be an awful thing to have to do but the peace of mind that you wouldn’t lose hundreds or thousands of pounds is priceless and can make the situation more bearable.

Wedding Insurance will protect you against a range of unfortunate events. For example, cancellation, weather problems, a serious illness, accident or bereavement involving an important member or the wedding party or military leave which has been booked has now been cancelled.

There are plenty of different policies out there and they all vary in what is covered within them so please read carefully and make sure that the total cost of your wedding would be covered.

Some policies even include the deposit you may have already paid to secure your wedding before you opened the policy so check that also.

It is worth checking whether you have to pay an excess in the event of needing to claim any money back as some insurers will included this.

There are many different comparison sites available, I've done some research and highly recommend this one

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