How to choose your Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is and should be right up there with choosing your dress! Ok, that may sound slightly one-sided...from my perspective, but think about it, your wedding dress & wedding album will be the only material things that remain years later!!

The cake would have long been eaten, the flowers dried and stored in the cabinet or on the dresser (and not looking as fresh as on the day) The Bridesmaids would have grown up/be married and the page boys will be grown men, and of course not forgetting dearly departed friends and family.

In short, your wedding documentary should capture those special moments, stolen smiles and tears of joy, and of course the parts of your ceremony that are long forgotten or in many cases that you missed on the day.

A good photographer will capture all of these Special Moments I'm always looking out for these, thats how I built my reputation. My favourite comment and regular feedback is "WOW Stu, i didn't even know that was happening" As Bride or Groom you will have a LOT going on during your special day and it will be over in a flash...I guarantee to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Get to know your photographer, source one Locally and meet at least twice, you will spend the majority of the day together!!! so, you both need to get on, know the sense of humour and equally "banter" limits, some of my best shots have come from an off the cuff comment or remark that get's that one off look or special smile.

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